About Attapet

About Attapet | Stories Behind the Designer Store For Pets & Pet Lovers
Pets, like cats and dogs, are humun's friends, or even family. It's always good to be accompanied and surrounded by friends and family. We feel sad when they say goodbye to us. 
As the store owner, I believe that we should be good to our friends and family when we're alive. Not much we can do after our friends or family fell asleep underground but only missing them. Facing sadness isn't the reason why I create this store but enjoying happiness. Attapet is meant to provide things that make you and your pet(s) happy. 
Mission: Happy pets, happy pet lovers. 
Vision: Be the NO.1 supporting consortium when the chosen cat/dog is running for president. 
Again, introducing Attapet, the designer store for pets like meow-meows & woof-woofs, and humans like men and women who love pets. Adorable apparel, joyful toys, sweet homes and daily accessories for pets. Awesome clothing, pretty accessories, shining jewelry, lovely bags and nice household for pet lovers. 
Some essential business information of Attapet are as follows.
Business Name: ATTAPET
ABN: 76985872092
Email: service@attapet.com
Last but not least, wish you and your pet(s) happy. Enjoying shopping here at Attapet.