This is our affiliate program. If you like Attapet's products and you want to share them to your friends or family, why not use this affiliate link to offer them 10%off discount while you make a minimum 15% commission out of it?

Become an Affiliate of Attapet | Welcome to Attapet Affiliate Program

Attapet Affiliate Program Commission
📈📈Referral Sales📈📈 💸💸Commission Rate(%) - Commission($)💸💸
0~$500 15% - $75
$500~$2000 17.5% - $262.50
$2000~$5000 20% - $937.50
>$5000 25%

- Higher commission rate if your referral sales revenue is more than $10,000💰💰💰.We will reach out to you to discuss your commission issue for further cooperation.

- Honored commission on referral sales quantity is $1/successful referral sales if you have more than 100 successful referral sales.

- Commission payment will normally processed on 9:00 AM(Sydney Time) at every Tuesday.

- Commission payment will be processed on every $100 successful referral sales. 

- Successful sales are paid sales that customers don't cancelled, refund within 7 days from the delivered date. We have policies of free cancellation within 24 hours from ordering and absolute-approved refund within 7 days from the delivered date. Normally, it takes 2~3 weeks to ship orders to customers(sometimes faster, sometimes slower.).

- Averagely, customers spend $40 on Attapet. 


Attapet Affiliate Program Rules

If an affiliate buys through their referral link/coupon, they will still be given commission for that sale.

- Referral link, referral QR code, and your personal coupon code for 10%off discount are all eligible for your referral sales.

- Your personal discount code will be automatically applied at checkout when referral link or referral QR code is used. 

Commission will be calculated after deducting total discount from the order.

Commission will be calculated after deducting shipping and taxes from the order. 

Share and Earn Big | Become an Affiliate of Attapet


How To?

Here is how you can be in our affiliate program in simple 3 steps.

(1) Sign up or log in Attapet Affiliate Portal.

You can also access into Attapet Affiliate Portal using this link Once you access into the portal, you will see the following picture. If you are new to this portal, click "Join Now". If you are already joined our affiliate program, click "Login" on the upper right corner. 

Join or Login Attapet Referral Program | Minimum 15% Commission on Every Referral Sale


(2) Create an Account 

Skip this step if you already have an account. 

Use your Google Account/Facebook Account/Email address to create an account. Be aware that, your name will be the default coupon code for the 10%off discount.

Create an Account | Attapet Affiliate Program


(3) Your Attapet Affiliate Panel

 This is your Attapet Affiliate Panel after you join/login Attapet Affiliate Program. 

Your name and email is displayed on the left upper conner. The default coupon code for 10% discount is your name, which you can change it as you prefer. When people go to Attapet through your referral link or referral QR code, 10% discount coupon code will automatically applied at checkout. You can also use your own coupon code for your future shopping here at Attapet. 

Copy your own referral link or download your own referral QR code, and then share them to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Tiktok, Snapchat, YouTube, your blog, or wherever you want. Your own referral link or QR code will take people to Attapet's homepage.

Your Attapet Affiliate Panle | Your Own Referral Link, QR Code, & Coupon Code.


If you want to show people the product you like and lead them to that product page, you can do it in the "Marketing Tools" page of your Attapet Affiliate Panel simply in just 2 steps. 

First you go to the product page you like and copy the link and paste it here. Then you copy the automatically generated link and share it wherever you want.

Show People Your Favorite Product | Attapet Affiliate Program

Check your earnings on this page. Default commission is 15% of your referral sales.  

Check Your Earnings | Minimum 15%Commision of Your Referral Sales | Attapet Affiliate

Finalize your personal profile for better affiliate tracking. Change the referral code in your referral link as you prefer. 

Your Personal Profile | Better Affiliate Tracking in Attapet Affiliate Program

Most Importantly, set up the payment mode as "PayPal" and type in your PayPal email address in Payment Settings so we can pay you through PayPal.

Set up Your Payment Settings | Get Paid Through PayPal | Attapet Affiliate Program



Talk to Us

If you have any question about Attapet affiliate program, or you want to discuss further cooperation, feel free to talk to us. Leave a message below and we will reach out to you ASAP.